Fleur-De-Lys AFC is run by an elected committee.  The committee is selected on a yearly basis at the club’s AGM.  The club is goverened by its Rules and Constitution. The committee is made up of the roles listed on the right hand side.

All club decisions are made through monthly committee meetings. They are held on the second Sunday of each month.  Each meeting receives reports from; Secretary, Treasurer, Safeguarding Officer,  and Social Media. All other reports are presented in A.O.B. Any decisions are carried forward by an action plan, with a nominated person following the action through and reporting to the committee at the next meeting on the progress.

Chairman/U13s Manager

Vice Chairman / U11s



Safeguarding Officer


Fixture Secretary

Fundraising Officer

Committee Member

Honorary Member

Under 7s/13s Manager

Under 8s Coach

Under 10s

Under 10s

Under 13s Coach

Under 13s Coach

Under 14s Manager

Under 16s Coach

Under 16s Coach